Significance and Use of Water Level Sensors

Published: 16th March 2011
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Water level sensor can be utilised to monitor the level of water in tanks, aquariums and other water bodies. Though these level sensors can be built at home with the use of an electrical contact sensor and pressure sensor, it can also be bought from many of the online stores at attractive rates. There are different varieties of level sensors available in the markets today. But it is important to know which type of level sensor will suit your specific requirements.

Some of the water level sensor gives an alert signal when the water level is below normal whereas some of the level sensors replenish the water as soon as it has reached below normal. The following sections give a glimpse of the different types of sensors used for monitoring water levels and how to use them effectively.

Water Level Sensor- Types and Uses

There are basically two types of sensors mainly the electronic water level controls and the liquid level sensors float switches. Both these types of sensors are entirely different from one another as it is based on different technologies. The installation of both these types of sensors is quite different from one another.

The float switch sensor is one of the most commonly used water level sensor in most of the places. It is used for both domestic and industrial purposes. These float switches are not as reliable and accurate as the electronic water level sensor. It may display false readings at times which are considered as a major drawback. So it is important to check the accuracy of these float sensors before refilling the water tanks which would otherwise lead to over filling of tanks.

The electronic water level sensor is another level sensor which is quite accurate in readings. It is important to install it perfectly to obtain precise readings and functions. Most of these sensors work with the help of remote sensors which makes it even more accurate. With the help of these remote sensors, it is easier to monitor the level of water. Moreover, these sensors are known to be durable and long lasting.

Some of the water level sensor manufactured today includes some unique features such as measuring the PH levels of water, evaluating the acidity of water and so forth. There are sensors with pre built amplifiers which help to obtain various accurate results.

Many of the latest sensors which are used for monitoring water level can be used in commercial centres, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and other places. These monitors have special features such as ensuring uninterrupted water supply, colourful LED lamps, protection from dry run, high and low voltage, easy maintenance and advanced float switch. It also eliminates waste water and slime stored in tanks.

No matter what type of water level sensor is installed, it is important to install electronic monitors that will help you to check the level of water. Back up monitors are also excellent to obtain accurate readings. Different types of sensors can be bought from various online stores at reasonable rates.

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