Role of Postal and Courier Services in Global Communication

Published: 24th August 2010
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Postal and courier services have undergone a radical change in the past two decades. The national postal services and private courier companies not only contribute towards the revenue of their economies, but they also raise the employment opportunities. The process of global communication has become faster than before due to the contribution of this service sector.

So, what types of changes have been introduced in the postal and courier services in past tow decades? And how different countries have benefited out of the growth of this service sector? The following discussion provides information about the role of postal and courier industry at the global level.

Effect of Electronic Communication
The electronic communication has significantly contributed towards two-way communication. Many people use electronic media to communicate through emails as it is fast and available round the clock. However, the need of sending parcels canít be fulfilled by the use of electronic communication.

Moreover, the electronic communication and electronic commerce has added to the need of having efficient postal and courier services. The companies doing businesses online need to ship their products on right time to the national and international destinations. So, the electronic trading has encouraged the countries to have effective postal and courier systems.

Postal Service Sector in Two Different Economies
The postal industry in the United States had 36,496 establishments in the year 2009. Moreover, it provided employment to over 700,000 people. At the same time, the postal and courier services in India have recently seen a big development in the form of WorldNet Express, a unique internationally acclaimed express delivery service. This promises to enable the Indian postal services to reach over 200 countries.

These statistics show that the postal and courier services have emerged as a powerful service sector in the developed as well as the developing nations. The laws and regulations in different countries too have contributed towards the growth of the postal and courier industry. Here are some legal requirements for the service providers:
ē The courier and postal business owners must possess license to operate. Besides, the employees working for them should have legal vehicle driving license.
ē Those delivering inflammable products and other similar items should have the license to transport them.
ē The standards, codes of practices and legal guidelines of the postal and courier industry in a particular region must be followed.

Dependence on Other Service Sectors
The postal and courier services in a country are highly dependent upon various other service sectors. For example, storage services are required to store the big parcels and shipped goods. Packaging services are required to ensure safe and secure packaging of products for shipment. Then, transportation services are required to deliver the products on time and with safety. So, the postal and courier sector to succeed should have the support from various other service sectors.

The use of technologies like RFID systems has further increased the importance and efficiency of the postal and courier services. The upcoming years too are going to witness the rise in popularity and success of these services at the global level.

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