How to Identify the Different Types of Mens Dress Shoes?

Published: 04th April 2011
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Mens dress shoes are available in different styles and colors. Each shoe has its own prominence and should be worn accordingly. It is undoubtedly a matter of personal choice as to what type and color of shoes you prefer to wear but there are some standard rules which should be considered before purchasing and wearing different types of shoes.

There are different types of menís dress shoes to wear on different occasions. Wearing the same type of shoes to weddings, operas and funerals can be quite unpleasant. Dress shoes are meant to worn for formal events but there are different types of shoes to suit each occasion. The shoes which are black and sleek are considered to the most formal type of shoes. However, brown shoes are also preferred by most of the people.

The Different Kinds of Menís Dress Shoes

There are both lace up shoes and slip on shoes which can be called as dress shoes but the lace up shoes are known to be more formal especially the black colored shoes. Formal shoes have little or no designs and patterns on them. The following sections will help you identify some of the most popular and widely used menís dress shoes.

The Wingtip Dress Shoes: The particular dress shoe is a classic variety which is believed to be in vogue from the 80s. The shoe can be identified as one with a pointed top with curves both at the back and down the shoes. The wing tip dress shoes are ideal for events and functions though it is not usually worn daily. The black colored wingtip shoes are known to be a more business type shoe whereas if it is brown it can be known as a casual pair of menís dress shoes.

The Oxford Dress Shoes: The most popular dress shoes include the Oxford dress shoes. These shoes are synonymous with menís dress shoes. It is identified as the shoes with a rounded toe and closed lacing. It is the most formal type of dress shoe that should be included in every manís shoe collection.

Dress boots: Menís dress shoes also include the rugged dress boots which appear stylish and comfortable. It is preferred by travellers as it can be slipped on and off easily. It is an ideal choice for winters and casual wear.

The slip on dress shoes: Another popular variety of dress shoes include the slip-on dress shoes which is available in black, brown and tan colors. These shoes can be worn on formal as well as casual occasions.

White Dress shoes: Made from rough leather, the white dress shoes is the most elegant pair of shoes which can be worn with summer outfits.

Menís dress shoes can be bought from online stores at attractive price rates. Dress shoes made of genuine leather can be obtained in different colors, shapes and designs according to the requirements of the customers. Most of the dress shoes are made of exquisite material including leather which gives a sophisticated and elegant appearance to the wearer.

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