Electrical Circuit Breakers: Why And How To Choose

Published: 24th August 2010
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Overloading and short circuit in an electric circuit are the safety concerns in the residential and commercial buildings. The electrical circuit breakers are the components installed in the circuits to protect latter from hazardous circumstances. As son as these components detect a fault in the circuit, they automatically break the flow of electric current.

Based on a number of factors, people purchase circuit breakers available in different designs. If you are into the electrical circuit breaker business, you must know the factors that people consider before purchasing these components. The following discussion provides information about these factors so that you obtain the right supply from electrical circuit breaker suppliers.

Voltage Load

The voltage load differs for different types of electrical settings and environments. For example, the residential areas have lower voltage load as compared to the commercial and industrial settings. So, you must entertain the requirements of different customers visiting you to purchase electrical circuit breakers.

On the basis of voltage, there are three types of circuit breakers available in the market:

• Low Voltage Circuit Breakers - Used for residential electrical circuits, the low voltage electrical circuit breakers are suitable for the circuits with load of 1000 volts or less. The miniature circuit breaker (MCB) and the molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) are the two main types in this category. While MCBs are appropriate for 100 amps rating, the MCCBs are used for 1000 amps rating.

• Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers - These circuit breakers are suitable for the voltage values ranging between 1000 and 72,000. They are suitable for buildings and office settings. The three types of medium voltage circuit breakers include vacuum circuit breakers, air circuit breakers and SF6 circuit breakers. The vacuum circuit breakers are used to handle the load of up to 3000 amps and air circuit breakers for 10,000 amps. SF6 electrical circuit breakers are suitable for voltage between 10,000 and 72,000 volts.

• High Voltage Circuit Breakers - The high voltage power transmission lines are protected by the high voltage circuit breakers that handle the load of 72,000 amps and above.

Mounting Style

The ways the circuit breakers can be mounted are also considered by the purchasers to choose the right type of component. Fixed mounted circuit breakers and removable mounted circuit breakers are the two main types of these components. Drawout mounted circuit breakers are mainly used for settings with medium voltage range. Plug-in and bolt-on electrical circuit breakers can also be obtained form the suppliers.

Trip Unit Type

Another consideration for the purchase of circuit breakers is that of the type of trip unit used in these components. Magnetic trip units and thermal trip units are the two main types of trip units found in the electrical circuit breakers. Other common types are thermal magnetic trip units and magnetic hydraulic trip units.

Operating temperature range is another important consideration for the purchase of electrical circuit breakers. You must obtain from the electrical circuit breaker suppliers the components designed to operate at different temperature ranges.

The circuit breaker manufacturers and suppliers can be easily found at online b2b directories. So, you must spend time and efforts to find the best supply of these critical electrical components for your customers.

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