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Published: 11th August 2010
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With a rich and varied textile heritage, India presents a picture of a collective fashion, picking up the threads from its native regional costumes and traditional attire. While rural India still lives on traditional clothes, urban India has outgrown rapidly. The change can be felt through the introduction of international fashion trends, clubbed with the introduction of young and glamorous models and fashion designers in the Indian textile market. Modern India presents a vibrant scene in the apparel industry where each day summons a new trend. The Indian apparel industry thrives on a fusion of fashion evident on the streets of the Indian cities.

Apparel Designers: - To name a few,

• Ritu Kumar,

• Ritu Beri,

• Rohit Bal,

• Rina Dhaka,

• Muzaffar Ali,

• Satya Paul,

• Abraham and Thakore,

• Tarun Tahiliani,

• JJ Valaya and

• Manish Malhotra are some of the well known apparel designers in India.

They own a host of retail outlets, providing a plethora of options to the buyers. The import of clothing materials, rich fabric and other raw materials is outnumbered by the export of the finished products to the nook and corner of the globe.

The Industry: - The apparel industry in India covers a whole range of clothing designed for wedding ceremonies, corporate work life, to sportswear and casual wear. The use of traditional Indian techniques of embroidery such as "chikhan", "crewel", "zardosi", in tandem with authentic Indian fabrics have given the Indian designers the pallet to create Indo-western clothing in a fusion of the best of East and West. There is no iota of doubt that the apparel industry in India is continuously evolving as new designers from leading institutes are continuously redefining the meaning of "Fashion" in India, thus, encouraging the apparel buyers to be innovative and creative in their dressing style too. The increased "fashion conscious" crowd of India is driving the retail market with a constant in-flow of style and trend from all the corners of the globe.

Related Industry: - The apparel industry has encouraged the birth of related markets like jewelry, shoes, bags, cosmetics and the nitty gritty aspects of "complete dressing". Garments have moved a long way from being just a need to a desire to establish oneself in the society. It has become a symbol of status and a factor of very existence of a human body. So much so that people of high rank reserve special items of clothing and accessories for themselves for special events, unique from a crowd of millions. These industries undoubtedly serve as a reserve of great opportunities, leading to high in-flow of currencies, gateways to a variety of career options leading to independence and social stability.

Conclusion: - As understood, there is no doubt about the buying capability of garments within and outside the boundaries of our nation. The growing independence among the youth, with easy job options, in-flow of constant money, is fast getting reflected in the apparel industry on a whole. Commanding the largest share, the Indian apparel industry with an expected growth at the rate of 20% over the next 4 years, is surely booming!

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